Feathered Tyrants

Birds are one of the amazing fauna that has graced our planet found on all seven continents, they also come in a plethora of shapes and sizes and also call a vast variety of biomes their home. The vast majority of birds that exist on our planet are excellent examples of just how much evolution has played its part in the cycle of life on our planet. But what if the so-called birds of paradise possessed deadly claws that could slice up your belly and jaws that had such power that could crush you immediately to death? Terrifying isn’t it, well this is what would have been if the terrible tyrants that were wiped out 65 million years ago still existed to this day.

Picture Credit: Jurassic-Pedia


Picture Credit: Fine Art America
Picture Credit: Pinterest

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Picture Credit: Pinterest
Picture Credit: Berlin Museum of Natural History


Picture Credit: Reddit
Picture Credit: National History Museum

Titanis Walleri

Picture Credit: A dinosaur a day
Picture Credit: Florida Museum

Palaeeudyptes Klekowskii

Picture Credit: penguin place post
Picture Credit: Penguin post page
Picture Credit: Penguin post page



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Abhidyu Ajila

A zoology student who talks animals, conservation, evolution and geography