The Depths Under The Blue

Our Earth formed around 4.5 billion years ago and throughout the cycle of evolution, we’ve documented a variety of different flora and fauna from different periods on land and water, mostly vertebrates and invertebrates that lived on land. The existence of such organisms exists in fossil records unearthed by palaeontologists and archaeologists today. But even today there are so many secrets that are yet to be unearthed that lie in the depths of the ocean.

Devonian Period

Picture credit: Britannica
Picture Credit:

Carboniferous Period

Picture Credit: Britannica
Dracopristis Hoffmanorum forum picture credit: Machan-forest

The Permian

Picture Credit: Britannica
Helicoprion Picture credit: GeologyIN
Helicoprion jaw motion picture credit: Wikipedia

The Jurassic

Picture Credit: Geology Page
Liopleurodon Picture Credit: Wikipedia

The Cretaceous

Picture Credit: Australia Museum
Mosasaurus hoffmani Picture Credit:

After Cretaceous

Megalodon Picture Credit: nhm.
Picture Credit: Wikipedia



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Abhidyu Ajila

A zoology student who talks animals, conservation, evolution and geography