The Tale Of The Tank

Dinosaurs have always been a mystery and little has been found about them and there’s still more to search for them. Throughout my childhood, I’ve always loved dinosaurs and their way of thriving in a world that is way too different a world which in ways was too deadly and will bring us near-death experiences throughout the year before we get wiped out. From fearsome carnivores to the long and strong herbivores with tough osteoderms, these creatures came in different shape and sizes and yeah some were poisonous. I’m going to talk about Ankylosaurus, the prehistoric tank. This tank of a dinosaur lived in the Late Cretaceous around 88.5 to 66.5 million years ago in Western North America. Its length was 5.4m in length and 1.7 ft at the hips and weighed around 4.78 metric tons.

This dinosaur was one of the most defensive dinosaurs and rightfully so as it had a huge club and a back covered with a thick cover of osteoderms to protect itself from predators, it was probably the most strong of the herbivores with a huge club made from bone to slam the predators away and protect their young. No matter how strong the ankylosaurus was it was always vulnerable if it was turned upside down.

The dinosaurs are a unique set of creatures who dominated the world for almost 165 million years and scientists have found some pretty fantastic creatures which feel otherworldly to the public wondering about how such creatures even existed. Just by looking at photos and movie depictions only help to the cause and allow us to understand how such complex creatures existed until their death 65 million years ago.



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Abhidyu Ajila

A zoology student who talks animals, conservation, evolution and geography